I Help Tell Stories.

Below are some stories that I've helped shepherd into films that inspire action and/or reflection.

Shoebox: "Distractions"
The client wanted this shot in the style of "The Office".  Directed by Chris Dorsey. 

VNA HomeHealth: "Michael"
Michael has a tenacious appetite for KU basketball and hunting down athletes for autographs. He also has interstitial lung disease. The Visiting Nurses Association of Douglas County Kansas has been helping him stay well through periodic IV treatments since he was 7 years old. Please donate today at kansasvna.org/.

Corporate FM
Winner: People's Choice Award, Show Me Justice Film Festival, AMC Documentary Feature Award, Kansas City Film Festival. 
What happens when local DJs are told to shut up and play the playlist? Radio once united entire cities around local bands, charities and new ideas.  CORPORATE FM reveals the high finance shell-game that silenced the local voice in commercial radio across america. It also shows how radio could be made local again.

Marjolein Bastin: Nature's Sketchbook, 
Marjolein Basin was to win a LOUIE award.  Hallmark Cards hired me to help their team to put together this introspective look at the reclusive artist.  Edited by Liz Boyer. 

Timber Creek Retreat House: Compassion & Rejuvenation
This video originally had a plea to donate at the beginning of it. I removed it for this page because I think the general public is more interested in learning about retreat than donating to the retreat of those who can not afford it. If you are interested though you may donate or visit at timbercreekretreat.org/ The retreat includes excellent food and a room worthy of $$$.

Planet Trash 
Winner, Aspiring Filmmaker Award, The Film Society of Greater Kansas City.
"Witty"-John Pierson (author: Spike, Mike, Slackers, & Dykes)
Humans are extinct.  Space aliens come to make an archeology film for all the alien children back on the home planet.

Body of War
Directed by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro, Best Documentary, National Board of Review of Motion Pictures.
Tomas Young is excited to go fight for his country after he sees President G. W. Bush vow justice on the ruins of the World Trade Center.  He is less excited when he ends up in Iraq instead.  BODY OF WAR follows the parallel journeys of a soldier and a senator (Robert Byrd) whose paths to resist the Iraq war cross after incredible sacrifice.

Directed By Kevin Willmott, Executive Producer Spike Lee.
Though I worked behind the scenes on this; I included this so you can see my cameo as a racist silent film actor playing Abraham Lincoln in blackface.
What if the South had won the Civil War?  A British TV company does an exposé showing the inner workings of the Confederate States of America.