Friday, January 2, 2015

George Brett BBQ

I had 2 jobs with George Brett this year and neither of them were for BBQ; but that may be his biggest passion after the Royals. The smoker behind him looked like sputnik.
Photo by Honumon Brown Eagle

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The DIY Edit Bay TreadDesk

I did this to stay healthy, but the biggest benefit has been that I no longer get sleepy when I work on my computer.
My 6 foot tall son is the right height for
my TreadDesk

Precise operations, such as nudging tracks with a trackpad or mouse are impossible at high speeds. I may walk at 1 mph or just stand on intense projects. Right now I'm walking at 2 mph, which feels olympic when typing.

The TreadDesk sits lower to the ground than it's competition; which means I don't have to raise my standing desk to a dizzy height.  It's quiet too. I appreciate it the most during over-extended phone calls with service people. If you ever feel like someone is wasting your time on the phone, the TreadDesk is the answer.

Controller sits at 45º angle on desk
After a year with this setup, I'm still glad I have it. But I would recommend a standing desk above all. The productivity boost from sitting to standing was a larger jump than the boost from standing to walking. Plus the standing part is cheap (just cinder blocks) compared to the TreadDesk. 

How to Make a Standing Desk (Diagram).

  • 1)  First of all, measure how high your fingers would comfortably rest on a keyboard when you are standing. Low is good, but let your palms rest too.
  • 1a)  Four and 3/4 inches: height of TreadDesk on the mat that ships with it.
  • 1b)  Your height plus 1a if you are using a TreadDesk.
  • 2)  Measure where you look straight forward. This should be the top of the screen. Not above it, as the picture kinda suggests.
  • 3)  A standard cinder block is fifteen and 1/2 inches tall
  • 4)  I had to use a hammer and chisel to cut larger cinder blocks in half to get an eleven and 1/2 inch rise. 

My UPS guy is a beast!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What is a Meme?

My friends over 35 always say "What?" when I say "meme". They think I'm talking about myself and then humming. Wiki says a meme is a "unit for carrying cultural ideas" but I think of it mostly as a one frame joke or a one frame mixed media cartoon.
You can create your own memes using these iphone apps.
Cali the squirrel hunter

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas card

Simon folded this stellated icosahedron out of many little pieces of notebook paper with his cousins and Aunt Brenda.

Simon and his stellated icosahedron 

This years Christmas card was a challenge because I wanted to do a cinemagram but also wanted to be able to mail it the old fashioned way. The the iphone 3gs did not have enough resolution for a really good print so we reshot with the 5D.

Simon and his oj

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moving Pictures

The first time that I watched La Jetée by Chris Marker I didn't realize that it was entirely still images (and not 24 of them per second).  This gave me the confidence to use an old Nikon SLR to shoot one of my first short films, Planet Trash.  In both these films, the still image becomes an asset to the story because it gives us feeling of a lost memory or nostalgia.

The spooky picture above uses video and stills together.  I did it for the perfume business  I intend to do more of these.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Good Mentor

Bill Gilbert (1944-2012) groomed others for greatness. I don't know that I always lived up to that; but it was nice to have a mentor with such expectations. He did this for countless grips, gaffers, electricians, cinematographers and film-makers. It grew his business and the film industry as a whole.
Here we are on the set of a western picture with his wife Nancy.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tomas Update

Tomas Update, originally uploaded by
Its been several years since we finished "Body of War". Tomas Young who the film follows, looks like this today. He may be smiling but his message is dark. Since the movie, an aneurysm (related to his injury) has caused partial paralysis in his hands and his speech is now garbled. Donahue wanted to show that the costs of war are even greater than what the film shows. This epilogue will not be on the DVD. That was cost-prohibitive since the DVD is already out. This will show at future film festivals during the Q&A and hopefully on youtube too.